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Tif Tuf Bermuda Grass ($219+$10 Pallet) $229.00


Long dry summers can be brutal on turf and even more so on your water bill. TifTuf Bermuda Grass was developed with this challenge in mind. This fine-textured, green leaf beauty uses 38% less water than similar grass cultivars… and still looks great. And just as important, TifTuf Bermudagrass has a high shade tolerance. When cooler autumn temperatures arrive, it stays greener further into the season. It all makes you wonder: how can something so tough and resilient be so gorgeous?


  • Best drought tolerant grass.
  • Excellent late season color retention and early spring green-up.
  • Superior color and density.
  • High resistance to traffic.
  • Fast recovery from wear/tear or drought.
  • TifTuf will pay for itself in reduced water bills.
  • Can be installed anytime.

Tif tuf Bermuda Grass Pallet 400sqft ($10 wooden pallet)

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